TEDxBoston 2011

Christina Xu

The Importance of Being Awesome

How a playful subversion of traditional foundations is spreading awesomeness and tackling serious problems

Christina Xu is a trustee of the Awesome Foundation founded in Boston by 10 friends. Now with chapters worldwide, the independent, self-funded foundation awards $1,000 grants monthly to small projects they deem “awesome”.

Curator’s Pick: “Without joy the Awesome Foundation would be the Cheap and Efficient Foundation, which is a lot less catchy.”

About the Awesome Foundation: http://awesomefoundation.org/



Christina Xu is the founding director of the Institute on Higher Awesome Studies, an organization dedicated to nurturing small awesome ideas around the world; she also serves as a trustee on the Boston chapter of the Awesome Foundation. By day, she works at Breadpig, an uncorporation trying to make the world suck less by harnessing the goodwill of geeks worldwide. She is one of the co-founders of ROFLCon, the world’s first conference/convention on internet culture, and is a happy sailor at the Pirateship, a Somervillain coworking space.

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