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  • Amos G. Winter, V, Ph.D.

    TEDxBoston 2012
    The Leveraged Freedom Chair Using science, engineering, and stakeholder-driven design to reinvent the wheelchair in the developing world.

    Curator’s Pick: “How do you make a mountain bike for your arms that doesn’t have the mountain bike cost and complexity?”

    In the developing world, rough roads and muddy walking paths often provide the only access to education, employment, and community but are impassable in a conventional wheelchair. The Leverage Freedom Chair (LFC) was invented to surmount this challenge. Like an arm-powered mountain bike, its variable mechanical advantage lever drivetrain optimally converts upper body power to propulsion, enabling wheelchair users to travel fast and efficiently on a wide variety of terrains. Every moving part on the LFC is made from bicycle components, making the chair cost under $200 and be repairable anywhere in the developing world.

    Amos G. Winter, V, Ph.D., Director, Global Engineering and Research Lab, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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