TEDxBoston 2012

Laura Winig

From Offender to Entrepreneur

Unlikely entrepreneurs-in-training who are determined to create gratifying (and legal) work for themselves

Curator’s Pick: “Many of them had already run small businesses…illegal small businesses.”

This year, about 650,000 people will be released from state and federal prisons, most with no job training and no plan for how they will legally support themselves and their families after their release. Within three years, 68% of them will be re-arrested. Why? Most cannot find legal work. Venturing Out teaches prisoners how to repurpose their street skills and create their own jobs through self-employment.




Laura Winig is Executive Director of Venturing Out, a Boston-based non-profit that helps soon-to-be-released prison inmates become self-employed entrepreneurs in legitimate enterprises. A serial entrepreneur herself, Laura has researched and written extensively about business success–and its intersection with government–for Harvard’s Kennedy School and Harvard Business School. Venturing Out reflects Laura’s core beliefs in the power of personal responsibility–and second chances.

For more information visit: http://venturingout.org/

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