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    TEDxBoston 2012
    It Takes Villages The rock'n’roll generation changes the tune of aging

    Curator’s Pick: “Were they going to wait for the government to create a better way for them to age? Absolutely not.”

    Ask anyone from the generation that brought us Woodstock, and 93% of them will answer that they want to live in their own homes for the rest of their lives. So, it makes sense that these baby boomers who also generated the civil rights, environmental, and women’s movements, have now created “Villages” – non-profits run by and for people 50+.

    Hear how this common sense “neighbors helping neighbors” approach is revolutionizing aging, and how the Village movement could reduce Medicare costs, help elders get the most out of life, and offer concrete ways to stay in our homes and communities as we age.

    Judy Willett, National Director, Village to Village Network

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