TEDxBoston 2013

Sam White

Co-Founder of Cool

How can off-grid refrigeration change the economics of rural villages?

How one phone call shifted my life to India. After winning 2nd place at the MIT $100k business plan competition, my business partner and I went to rural India to explore untapped opportunities. Ever since making one cold-call to the President of a large dairy in Bangalore, we’ve been focused on developing a solution to enable them to chill milk in areas where there is not enough electricity to operate a chiller without a diesel generator.  After many failed attempts over six years, we’re still making a go at resolving this big problem.




Sam White, along with Sorin Grama, co-founded the Promethean Power Systems in 2007.  Promethean Power is a thermal battery technology start-up that enables cold-storage of perishable foods where there is unreliable power. Today, this revolutionary battery eliminates the need for a diesel generator when chilling milk at the village level for the first time in India’s history.  Adapting solar is planned for later this year.

Recipient of awards: GE Ecomagination prize (2010); Innovators of the Year, Boston Globe (2011); Villgro Innovations Foundation (2011); NASA’s Launch Energy Innovators Fellows (2012).
World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer (2012).
Indo-US Science & Technology grant (2013)
NSF 2nd tranche grant award (2013)

To get to this point, Sam has gone through several years’ foreign and domestic experience in developing new businesses from concept to reality.  Sam has used his rich network in India to attack deployment challenges by helping Promethean Power seek strategic partners, customers, funding sources and publicity for this exciting venture.

Prior to Promethean Power, Sam worked in Madrid for 5 years in management consulting for 5 years and headed Latin American business development for the Economist Intelligence Unit (Economist Group) telecom division.  Sam was also the catalyst for rapid growth and deployment of new business models and technologies in his previous two start-ups, GetConnected and Smartleaf.

Sam is living full-time in Mumbai,India.

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