TEDxBoston 2011

Skylar Tibbits

When Things Build Themselves

Imagine a world where large-scale manmade objects self-assemble, with prototypes to prove it's possible.

TED fellow and MIT lecturer, Skylar Tibbits explains the technology behind self-assembling, programmable parts that construct themselves into large-scale objects that are activated with the addition of a little energy.

Curators Pick: “You’re probably thinking, ‘Wow that looks super easy!’…but it’s not.”

Learn more about the project at http://www.sjet.us



About SJET: http://www.sjet.us

SJET LLC is a multifaceted practice, started by Skylar Tibbits in 2007 as a research platform for experimental computation + design. SJET crosses disciplines from architecture + design, fabrication, computer science to robotics..SJET is a direct result of an endless search for more.

SKYLAR TIBBITS is a trained Architect, Designer and Computer Scientist whose research currently focuses on developing self-assembly technologies for large-scale structures in our physical environment. Skylar graduated from Philadelphia University with a 5 yr. Bachelor of Architecture degree and minor in experimental computation. Continuing his education at MIT, he received a Masters of Science in Design + Computation and a Masters of Science in Computer Science.

Skylar is currently a lecturer in MIT’s Department of Architecture, teaching graduate and undergraduate design studios and co-teaching How to Make (Almost) Anything, a seminar at MIT’s Media Lab. Skylar has been named a Revolutionary Mind in SEED Magazine’s 2008 Design Issue and was recently awarded a TED2011 fellowship. His previous work experience includes: Zaha Hadid Architects, Asymptote Architecture, SKIII Space Variations and Point b Design. Skylar has exhibited work at a number of venues around the world including: the Guggenheim Museum NY and the Beijing Biennale, lectured at MoMA and SEED Media Group’s MIND08 Conference, Storefront for Art and Architecture, the Rhode Island School of Design, the Institute for Computational Design in Stuttgart and The Center for Architecture NY. He has been published in numerous articles and built large-scale installations around the world from Paris, Calgary, NY to Frankfurt and MIT.  As a guest critic, Skylar has visited a range of schools from the University of Pennsylvania, Pratt Institute and Harvard’s Graduate School of Design.

Skylar has collaborated with a number of influential people over the years including: Neil Gershenfeld and The Center for Bits and Atoms, Erik and Marty Demaine at MIT, Adam Bly at SEED and Marc Fornes of THEVERYMANY. In 2007, Skylar Tibbits and Marc Fornes co-curated Scriptedbypurpose, the first exhibition focused exclusively on scripted processes within design.

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