TEDxBoston 2014

Rob Osgood

The Power of Vicarious Rehearsal

Stressed out? Try this simple, but profound, technique that emergency medical staff use to mentally prepare for disasters



Rob Osgood is a career emergency response professional and hospital administrator. He chairs and serves on a variety of health care committees and preparedness coalitions, internally to Tufts Medical Center and externally at the municipal and state levels. He is sought annually by local and regional public health entities and community hospitals to consult on public health and hospital preparedness, hospital evacuation, hazardous materials response, flu clinic operations, emergency exercises, and personal resiliency. He is solely responsible for the design, development, and sustainment of the Emergency Management Program at Tufts Medical Center in downtown Boston, where he has functioned in command roles for a myriad of weather emergencies, utility disruptions, hazardous materials events, full-scale exercises, planned city events, and any incident threatening to disrupt normal hospital operations or staff and patient safety, including, most recently, the explosions at the Boston Marathon Finish Line.