TEDxBoston 2009

Chris Middleton

Fidelity FutureStage

Arts education teaches unique skills that extend far beyond the classroom. Fidelity FutureStage helps students build their self-confidence, unleash their passions, and realize their potential.  Hear how one young gifted composer expresses himself through song.



Chris’s father is in a band called Firefly. His mother, a vocalist and flautist, attended Berklee College of Music. In addition to playing various instruments and singing, Chris has composed more than 30 songs, with more in the works: “I need to compose as a way to express all the things that I’m constantly thinking about—it’s an outlet for me.”
Chris enjoys playing songs with lyrics that draw from life, including “Happy Ending” by Mika and “Make You Feel My Love” by Adele. Chris is inspired by Ben Folds’ skills and says, “I try to emulate him by taking risks and creating melodies.” He also admires the Beatles: “Every Beatles song has something unique. I try to come up with interesting chord progressions like they did.”
Chris credits his teacher, Will Fickes, for pushing him to work hard. Chris hopes to work as a professional singer/songwriter and study international relations and linguistics.