TEDxBoston 2012

Don MacDonald

Learning to Love Machiavelli

Unexpected insights from one of history's most misunderstood figures

Curator’s Pick:  “Machiavelli was not particularly Machiavellian.”

Machiavelli himself was not in any way Machiavellian. He wasn’t particularly good at the office politics in city government, nor advancing himself politically, but he gave good advice. I saw, in the story of his life, the very vicissitudes he was writing about—not only in the biographical events of his life but also in the enormous success of his work after his lifetime and the enormous misunderstanding of him as well.



Don MacDonald is the artist and writer of the online graphic novel Machiavelli, which he creates in traditional materials: pen, ink, and wash on paper. He studied painting and art history at Cornell University and later studied painting under Lorenzo Lazzeri in Florence. Don’s work has been published in the Harvard Review, SPX 2002, and a number of other anthologies, and he’s done portrait work for patrons and private collections around Boston.

For more information, visit:  www.donmacdonald.com

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