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    TEDxBoston 2012
    Back to the Basics A chef shares how basic skills like cooking can educate and nourish children for a lifetime

    Curator’s Pick: “Treat your stove like a piano. You need to tune it up. You need to know it. You need to take care of it. And you need to use it.”

    Are we raising generations of Americans with no self-care skills? When did basic skills like cooking become phased out of everyday routines?  How do we preserve and transfer these skills? Chef Barbara Lynch, raised in working class South Boston, discusses why we need to restore the honor in vocational careers like cooking and provide access to career development for these trades in public school systems, and why restoring integrity to these skills is central to individual’s, families’, and communities’ well-being. She will also explore the fascinating spectrum of skill that makes a task for one about survival, and for another about mastery.

    Barbara Lynch, Founder & CEO, Barbara Lynch Gruppo

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