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  • Sam Liberty

    Tales from the Cardboard Fun Lab

    Curator’s Pick: “Any time you can make the tension in your game revolve around the guy across the table, you’ve done something essential. You’ve turned a cardboard puzzle into a shared experience, a reason to gather around a table instead of a TV.”

    What is “fun?” Modern board game designers unpack this mysterious word in new ways, and distill it into playable works of art. Recent shifts in board game design philosophy — and technology — are ushering in a boom of innovation that pushes the limits of cardboard chips and wooden bits. Plus: how tension, suspense, immersion, meaningful decisions, and social interaction can be used and combined to meet design goals and boost player experience.

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  • Sam Liberty

    TEDxBoston 2012
    Sam Liberty

    Sam Liberty, Game Designer, Spoiled Flush Games

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  • Kevin Spak

    Kevin Spak

    Kevin Spak, Game Designer, Spoiled Flush Games

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