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    TEDxBoston 2012
    Responsive Cities On-demand mobility, housing, and technology for a post-oil world.

    Curator’s Pick: “We think we can develop a vehicle that operates on bike lanes that’s accessible to elderly, disabled, women in skirts, business people, and address the issues of energy, congestion, mobility, aging, and obesity simultaneously.”

    How new models for urban architecture and personal vehicles can be more responsive to the unique needs and values of individuals though the application of disentangled systems and smart customization.  The MIT Changing Places lab  develops technology to understand and respond to human activity, environmental conditions, and market dynamics. We are interested in finding optimal combinations of automated systems, just-in-time information for personal control, and interfaces to persuade people to adopt sustainable behaviors.

    Kent Larson, Director, Changing Places, MIT Media Laboratory and MIT Living Labs

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