TEDxBoston 2013

Vanessa Kerry

Global Healthcare Revolutionary

How can training new doctors and nurses in resource-limited countries cure more than people?

With all the investments made in global health over the last decade, why are we still struggling to deliver care? Do we in fact have the model right? Beyond infrastructure and medicines, we need people to build sustainable robust  country-led health systems. We can change the status quo by creating a pipeline of highly trained health professionals who will train generations to come. Seed Global Health partners with the Peace Corps to pair US clinicians with public sector teaching institutions in resource poor countries to help nurture the future caregivers and educators in these countries of great need.




Vanessa Kerry, MD, MSc, is the CEO of Seed Global Health, a non-profit that partners with the Peace Corps to build capacity of  health systems in resource-limited countries, by deploying health professionals as educators. She is also a physician at Massachusetts General Hospital and serves as the Associate Director of Partnerships and Global Initiatives at the hospitals Center for Global Health. Academically, she spearheads the program in Global Public Policy and Social Change in the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School. Her interest focuses on investments in human resources for health and capacity-building to strengthen public sector health systems in resource poor settings. Her work has included the grassroots effort which led to Seed Global Health, as well as looking at novel ways for U.S. foreign assistance to fund health efforts, which improve efficiency of aid delivery, develop capacity, and enhance national sovereignty. Her publications include An International Service Corps for Health: A New Prescription for Diplomacy in the New England Journal of Medicine and One for Doctors Too, a New York Times opinion piece published in 2010. She graduated from Yale University summa cum laude and Harvard Medical School cum laude, completing her Internal Medicine residency at Massachusetts General Hospital. She earned her Masters in Health Policy, Planning, and Financing from the London Schools of Economics and of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

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