TEDxBoston 2012

Ashifi Gogo

Combatting the Counterfeit Drug Trade

How cell phones, community, governments and pharma all connect to beat the $75 billion fake drug market in developing countries

Curator’s Pick:  “Over 700,000 people die every year. That’s equivalent to four fully packed jumbo jets crashing every day. Now that would make the headlines if it were that obvious.”

Counterfeit medications aren’t just placebos. Turns out over 700,000 people die annually from fake malaria and tuberculosis drugs alone. Ashifi Gogo presents an elegant solution that combines cell phones, community, and the cooperation of governments and pharmaceutical companies to beat the $200 billion fake medication menace in developing countries.



Ashifi serves as CEO of Sproxil and is an expert in end-consumer authentication technologies. He is Six Sigma Black Belt certified in Good Manufacturing Practice and Continuous Process Improvement. Ashifi previously co-founded VSOL, a VoIP company that provides telephone services to the administration of a 24,000-student university in Ghana. The Clinton Foundation, USAID, GSVC Berkeley, Princeton Entrepreneurs’ Network, NCIIA Venture Well and Nokia have all acknowledged his work through a variety of prizes and fellowships. Ashifi frequently presents at conferences including those organized by the U.S. Department of Commerce, the Global Health Council and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Ashifi holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College and a BA in Mathematics and Physics from Whitman College. He is Dartmouth’s first-ever PhD Innovation Fellow.

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