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    TEDxBoston 2012
    Urban Screens A new kind of public art, whether we like it or not

    Curator’s Pick: “This is the new public art. Not bronze statues of dead white guys or static plop art, but dynamic media art that reflects the city and the time we live in, and give the energy of the city back to us.”

    Digital displays the size of buildings, wearable computers the size of t-shirt logos, and every programmable surface in between are becoming the new canvas for artistic expression.

    Boston Cyberarts is bringing media art to two urban screens in downtown Boston, taking our city to the forefront of the artistic use of large urban screens. At the Boston Convention Center, 17 art projects play in rotation with convention information and advertising, and at the Harbor Island Pavilion on the Rose Kennedy Greenway, computer artists will generate real-time, constantly changing imagery to visualize data the National Park Service has collected from the harbor for 20 years.

    George Fifield, Founding Director, Boston Cyberarts

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