TEDxBoston 2013

Peter Dilworth

3D Maker

How can taking your pen off the paper let you to draw things exactly as you imagine?

The life of an inventor can be exhilarating, exhausting, and full of surprises (like getting 7,000% more funding than you expected on Kickstarter). ┬áThe inventor of the world’s first 3D pen shares lessons learned along the way.



Co-Founder & CTO of WobbleWorks LLC and Co-Inventor of the 3Doodler, Peter is an alumnus of MIT’s Leg Laboratory and the MIT Media Lab where his work has contributed to numerous innovations in the field of robotics. Peter previously worked as an inventor at WowWee, one of the world’s leading toy-makers. One of Peter’s long-held ambitions is to build his very own robot dino army.



Graphic Facilitation: