TEDxBoston 2009

Mark Churchill

El Sistema USA: Transformation through Music

The vision of Dr. José Abreu, winner of the 2009 TED Prize, changed the life trajectory of hundreds of thousands of a nation’s youth while transforming the communities in which they live. How TED and the New England Conservatory are leading the adoption of his revolutionary concept in the United States and around the globe.



Educator, conductor, and cellist Mark Churchill is the dean and artistic director of New England Conservatory’s Division of Preparatory and Continuing Education. He is an active advocate for the improvement and expansion of music education programs in American schools and oversees the development of new music education curricula and music teacher training programs through New England Conservatory’s Research Center for Learning Through Music. He is the founder and vice president of the Youth Orchestra of the Americas, established in 2002, which draws gifted young musicians from throughout North and South America. Additionally, Mark is bringing his expertise to the creation of El Sistema USA, a winning wish of the 2009 TED prize.

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