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  • Rick Borovoy

    TEDxBoston 2011
    Junkyard Jumbotron -- and other technologies designed to rescue face-to-face from impending smartphone doom

    Cell phones are designed to connect people across distance.  Increasingly, however, mobile technology is decimating  intimate, face-to-face settings, like some aggressive non-native plant species invading an environment it was never meant to encounter.  Rick Borovoy is launching a counter-invasion of mobile software designed to leverage the unique power of face-to-face to create shared experiences, and shared understanding.   He will show off a few of these projects, including a live demo of “The Junkyard Jumbotron” — a web app that lets a group of people instantly combine their random, web-enabled devices into a large virtual display.

    Curator’s Pick: “The magic of face-to-face is under assault.”

    Rick Borovoy, Research Scientist, MIT Media Lab

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