TEDxBoston 2017

Kenneth Anderson

De-Enchanting AI with the Law

We use narrative to help us understand all parts of our world, including our legal world. But what happens when those narratives are outdated or don’t match the reality of the way the world is changing? We’ll explore the narratives we lean on when talking about artificial intelligence and how we need to update, change, and better understand them to effectively create regulation in this space.



Kenneth Anderson teaches law at Washington College of Law, American University in Washington DC. He comes to law, regulation, and ethics of emerging technologies from a background in the international law of war and weapons, and has written extensively on drone warfare and, most recently, emerging autonomous weapons. While a visiting professor at Harvard Law School in 2016, he served as moderator of an interdisciplinary reading group on law, regulation and emerging automation and robotics technology under the auspices of the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University. He also serves as book review editor of the national security and law website, Lawfareblog.com; his most recent book, with Lawfare Editor-in-Chief Benjamin Wittes, is “Speaking the Law: The Obama Administration’s Addresses on National Security and Law.”

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