TEDxBoston 2017

Revolutionary Ideas: Advancing Our Machines
October 16, 2017

After last year’s event on Artificial Intelligence sparked so many ideas for us, we weren’t ready to let go of it yet. So we’re looking even deeper into AI and Machine Learning. We’ll be considering how these tools have changed us, and how we can think more carefully about how to build them.

This year’s speakers are sure to make you think. They’ll be exploring questions like…

  • What if a program could learn to write like Shakespeare?
  • How could predicting death help us live more fully?
  • What if we could build space-exploring machines that could fix themselves?
  • And many more

Participation in TEDxBoston 2017

The entire event will be livestreamed right here at TEDxBoston.org for free. We encourage you to get together with friends, family, and colleagues to watch as a group, or organize a meet-up.

In-person attendance is by invitation only, but there is no limit on the livestream, so make an event out of it.

If you aren’t able to attend the livestream, we will be posting full videos of all of the talks for you to view any time. Videos will be posted 2-4 weeks after the event, as they are professionally edited.


11:00 am: Check-in and get to know each other
12:30 pm: Doors open for seating
1:00 pm: Program begins
5:00 pm: Reception
6:00 pm: Event concludes