TEDxBoston cordially invites you to engage in more than thirty unique, cutting-edge event Adventures that celebrate both the dynamic Boston region and the TED mission. Adventures are a great way to interact not only with revolutionary hosts but also with members of the TEDxBoston community. Adventures are offered both before the TEDx event as a way to pre-meet members of the community and offered throughout the rest of the year as a way to extend and build on the powerful TEDx experience.

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You’re one step closer to getting the most out of your TEDxBoston experience! Adventures will take place at various locations around Boston in the days leading up to and following the TEDxBoston event on June 28th. Feel free to apply for several Adventures, but know that space is limited so please only sign up if you are sure you can attend. Participants will receive detailed information by email in advance of each Adventure. Each adventure requires you to register separately and all adventures (other than the helicopter ride) are offered for free due to the generous nature of the TEDx community. Participants are only required to cover their own travel. Some Adventures can accommodate large parties or may take place multiple times – in the spirit of sharing and growing the TEDxBoston community – we encourage you to invite friends or family on Adventures that can accommodate them.

All TEDxBoston adventures will be filmed so if you are not able to attend an event you will have a chance to see the experience as the adventures are posted. In the spirit of sharing and growing the pool of innovative ideas, TEDxBoston challenges attendees to offer future tours to TEDx community members. Please let us know if you have ideas for future Adventures.