About TEDxBoston

Who is TEDxBoston?

Who is TEDxBoston?

We are a team of volunteers in Boston who are catalyzing innovation by sharing ideas worth spreading with citizens around the world.

At TED2009, Chris Anderson, TED Curator, announced the TEDx initiative and local executives Sean Belka, Danielle D. Duplin, and Matt Saiia created one of the first-ever TEDx events, TEDxBoston. We partnered with the Fidelity Center for Applied Technology and Collective Next, and in a few exhilarating months produced our inaugural event.

TEDxBoston 2009 featured live talks by impressive Bostonians, enthusiastic attendees, and an international youth orchestra conducted by Benjamin Zander. Little did we know the event would tap into Boston’s huge reservoir of goodwill to celebrate the region’s ingenuity and to share ideas across all disciplines. The audience was hooked; so were we.

The following year, with a growing cohort of volunteers we produced TEDxBoston 2010 in the heart of Boston’s Seaport Innovation District. We also launched Adventures, a tapestry of community experiences throughout the year that connect the people and places that make greater Boston such a fascinating and thriving city. For TEDxBoston 2011 we added new ways to participate such as simulcast venues and an immersive online environment.

The Boston Children’s Choir’s opening of TEDxBoston 2012 set the tone for the day, reminding us of the power of freedom and ideas. We were thrilled to extend the reach of the event with a live broadcast on WBUR 90.9 FM, Boston’s NPR News Station, and a special onsite production of Radio Boston. Our partnership with WBUR continues.

2013 was a milestone year as we celebrated five years of sharing revolutionary ideas on the TEDxBoston stage. Our speakers covered diverse topics — from cutting-edge innovation in medicine to the science of happiness — all while pursuing one common mission: to ask questions and seek answers.

So far, thousands of people of have attended TEDxBoston events and the videos have been viewed over 12 million times worldwide. This year, TEDxBoston 2014 revisits some of the breakthrough ideas from the past five years that have endured and evolved, and we’re introducing powerful new ideas that embody a revolutionary spirit of their own.

For inspiration, we take our cue from the founding families who centuries ago were the original entrepreneurs of democracy. For the speakers, we seek out luminaries who hail from the Boston area, are driven to make the world a better place, and are devoted to implementing their game-changing ideas at scale.

For you, the audience, let’s just say that we are in awe of the talent, the energy, and the accomplishments of everyone who participates before, during, and after the events. It’s been our privilege to get to know you.

We’re honored to be part of TED and the ever-growing global TEDx community. Thanks for joining us, once again.

Here’s to ideas worth spreading,
Sean Belka, Danielle D. Duplin, Jimmy Guterman, Matt Saiia
TEDxBoston Curators


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TEDxBoston Grand Opening Videos

Revolutionary Ideas Start Here, 2009
produced by: Danielle D. Duplin and Laura Kochansky
edited by: Michael Weil, Fidelity Images

Revolutionary Dreams, 2010

A Visual Poem to Boston, 2011
produced by: Danielle D. Duplin, Jimmy Guterman, Matt Saiia
photos by: Peter Vanderwarker
performed by: Jason Fisher, Jesse Irons, Jae Cosmos Lee, Michael Unterman; A Quartet from A Far Cry

Tshotsholoza, 2012
produced by: Jimmy Guterman and Danielle D. Duplin
The Boston Children’s Chorus sings “Tshotsholoza” and “Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around” — freedom songs from South Africa and the U.S. Civil Rights movement

International Funk: Debo Band at TEDxBoston, 2013
produced by: Jimmy Guterman
Ethiopian-American saxophonist and musicologist Danny Mekonnen is the founder and director of Debo Band, a collective of musicians who compose and work to reinvent the popular music of Ethiopia.

Social change through music | Boston Children’s Chorus Opening at TEDxBoston, 2014